front entrance to enginetech machining

EngineTech Machining Canada pride themselves on providing the highest quality re-manufactured engines on the market. Not only do we rebuild Cummins, Duramax, and Powerstroke diesel engines, but also specialize in domestic, custom, high performance and industrial engines (including Arrow and Deutsch).

Our engines have been re-manufactured to factory specs using all new industry recognized name brand parts that meet and exceed OEM specifications.

Engine Tech takes an aggressive approach towards quality control, ensuring all of their remanufactured diesel engines are rebuilt beyond OE specifications, and your expectations.

A History of Excellence

Many of the members of the original EC automotive team have come together under the new company Enginetech Machining Canada to provide the unprecedented high quality service that they did prior.

industry leading techniques

In providing these services, Enginetech Machining is able to utilize aluminum welding techniques for aluminum engine blocks and also provide full engine assembly services. Finally, Enginetech Machining specialists are able to repair propane and natural gas engines as well as convert engines from gasoline to propane and/or natural gas. We do it all.