DIESEL 101: 3 Reasons Diesel Engines are More Efficient

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Diesel engines are often subject to a negative stigma, but technological advancement and innovation have improved their reputation. More importantly, diesel power is more efficient than it has ever been– giving it a further edge over gasoline power. “If diesel’s so efficient, why isn’t it more popular?” you might ask… Many consumers think of noisy, unreliable diesel vehicles or equipment, but these are a thing of the past. Modern diesel products are growing in popularity and they owe this growth most of all to their much better fuel economy. Read on for EngineTech’s summary of why diesel engines can give you better results, no matter your needs.



The core reason for diesel’s advantage in efficiency is the fuel itself. In comparable amounts, diesel fuel contains more potential energy than traditional gasoline. Approximately 15% more economical than gas, diesel fuel is also combusted at a much higher compression ratio. Better compression means better heat management: diesel engines can squeeze up to twice the energy out of its fuel versus the same amount of gas in a similarly sized gasoline engine.


Thanks to its role in industry and heavy-duty usage, diesel is often on the forefront of high-tech research and implementation. Fine-tuning of diesel components has increased overall efficiency by leaps and bounds. For example, modern fuel injectors in diesel engines are capable of extremely precise measurement and execution. This not only increases efficiency, it also reduces harmful emissions.


Turbocharged or supercharged diesels can now deliver a whole new level of performance to drivers and operators. From the luxury car dealer to the construction site, the modern “turbodiesel” is enjoying increased sales and adoption across the board. Thanks to unmatched power and efficiency, more and more consumers are choosing a turbo- or supercharged diesel engine for their next vehicle or equipment purchase.

What more could you ask from your vehicle or equipment? Diesel engines sip fuel and churn out power with unprecedented efficiency! If you think diesel power is the right choice for you, contact or visit EngineTech today and our experts will outfit you with a solution customized to your needs.