5 Ways to Ruin Your Diesel Engine

Four stroke engine with Diesel engine show Part of machine.Yes, diesel engines are heavy-duty pieces of equipment– but there are a few surefire ways to stop them in their tracks. Review EngineTech’s list below for five mistakes that can seize up or destroy a diesel engine.


While slight water contamination is normal in most vehicles– excessive water can ruin gaskets, create sludge and completely ruin an engine’s system. Avoid deep puddles and long-term idling in the winter as it can cause condensation.


Soot and other contaminants are present in diesel exhaust and these elements can do significant damage to an engine, if left unchecked. Carbon deposits can reduce efficiency and ultimately seize up a diesel engine. Regular oil changes and fuel system care is the best preventative maintenance.


Letting your diesel ride out the winter without a tune-up or other maintenance can be extremely expensive down the road. Oil changes, glow plug inspections, gasket checks and other important, regular maintenance should be performed seasonally– especially before the long, cold Alberta winter. Temperature changes are particularly harsh on diesel engines, so always take every precaution.


Over time, a heavily used diesel engine may develop leaks or other problems that lead to fuel dilution. Diluted fuel can be extremely harmful to the fuel system and overall health of a diesel engine. To stop this problem, avoid frequent ignition, long-term idling and running your engine excessively in cold weather.


As gaskets and seals break down in a diesel engine, coolant can seep into the fuel and lubrication systems. The major problem is that coolant contains glycol– an extremely harmful chemical to diesel engines. Up to ten times worse than water contamination, coolant leaks create harmful acids and reduce motor oil’s ability to protect your engine.

Are you worried about your diesel engine’s longevity? Avoid the five problems listed above by performing preventative maintenance and booking regular tune-ups at a trusted mechanic. We here at EngineTech can answer any and all questions about diesel engines and their care. Contact or visit us today!