FACT VS. FICTION: Debunking Popular Myths about Diesel Engines

Closeup of four pumps at a petrol stationWhether by popular culture like movies and TV or by idle chitchat around a friend’s driveway– somewhere along the line, diesel power caught a bad reputation. With accusations ranging from noisy to needy, consumers often overlook diesel-powered vehicles and equipment. Are you looking to replace a vehicle or piece of equipment? Brief yourself on the truth about diesel engine using EngineTech’s handy guide below.

Diesel engines are more fuel-efficient than gasoline engines.
FACT: High compression, leaner air-to-fuel ratio and the popularization of turbochargers have all contributed to the improved fuel efficiency of diesel engines.

The high cost of diesel fuel counteracts its benefits.
FICTION: Actually, the price of diesel fuel varies just as widely as gas and is rarely more than a few cents per litre off. In raw comparisons to gasoline, diesel fuel is almost always the more cost-effective choice.

Advancements in automotive technology have vastly improved diesel engines.
FACT: New diesel vehicles and equipment are paragons of efficiency and comfort. Problems such as excessive engine noise, difficulties starting in cold weather and sluggish performance have all been left in the past by state-of-the-art electronics and manufacturing innovations.

Diesel fuel is harder to find than gasoline.
FICTION: What may have been true once is no longer the case– the wide adoption of diesel engines has led to increased availability of diesel fuel. Almost all major gas stations carry at least one or two diesel pumps, including commercial or heavy-duty providers.

Diesel engines are more durable than other engines.
FACT: The longevity of diesel-powered vehicles and equipment is well proven. When taken into consideration, higher incidental repair costs actually become more affordable spread out over the lifetime of the engine.

Once relegated to heavy industry and backwoods living, diesel engines have since exploded into the mainstream. From a stylish, turbocharged luxury sedan to the heaviest of equipment– the diesel engine is as prominent as ever. Thanks to technological advancements and design innovations, diesel vehicles and equipment are also more efficient and comfortable than ever before. If you have any questions or concerns about diesel power, contact or visit EngineTech today!