NEW OR RENEWED: Advantages & Disadvantages of Rebuilding Your Engine

Portrait Of Mature Mechanic Looking At Car Engine In GarageSo you or your mechanic has discovered the bad news: your vehicle or equipment needs a new engine. The next step hinges on two major factors: the age of the vehicle or equipment and your budget. Read on for a summary of how these factors affect your choice of a new engine or rebuilding the existing one. After that, bring yourself up to speed with our handy list of advantages and disadvantages of rebuilding an engine.

So what is a rebuilt engine exactly? Using extensive experience and precise tools, EngineTech’s staff cleans, hones, bores and rebuilds your engine from the ground up. The end product is essentially a brand new engine with enhanced performance and efficiency. A rebuilt engine often costs less than a new or used engine, let alone a new vehicle or piece of equipment. We back our rebuilt engines with warranty programs designed to keep your rebuilt engine running smooth.

As mentioned above, two main elements impact the value of rebuilding an engine.

How old is the vehicle or equipment that needs the engine?
If it is more than 10 years old/250,000 km, a rebuilt engine’s value may not live up to its cost. Old vehicles or equipment can suffer non-engine-related breakdowns and mechanical failures– leaving you with a working engine and nothing to make use of it.

What is your budget?
Another key issue when deciding between new and rebuilt is deciding what you can afford. New vehicles and equipment usually require down payments worth thousands of dollars. If not, you might also be at risk of overpaying in interest over the lifetime of your financing. Rebuilt engines are almost always more affordable– if you can afford the aforementioned down payment, you can likely pay for a rebuild outright (no future payments required).

+ Pro: Increased fuel economy and horsepower. Rebuilt engines are essentially identical as when they were when first manufactured.
– Con: Rebuilds take time, often up to a week or two (depending on workload). Buying new usually allows you to drive your purchase off the lot.
+ Pro: Rebuilding an engine can be an affordable way to extend the life of your cherished– but old– vehicles and equipment. Restore a classic or renew “old reliable” with a rebuilt engine.
– Con: Bigger engines are more expensive. The more cylinders your engine has, the higher the cost will be for a rebuild.

Rebuilding an engine is no small undertaking, but it may match your needs more closely than buying new. Review the conditions and consequences above, then contact or visit EngineTech for a comprehensive consultation. Our staff can provide a hassle-free quote while answering any questions or concerns you might have.