Custom building or repairing your engine is similar whether you bring us your entire engine or just engine parts.  At Enginetech Machining Canada, we start the process of repairing or custom machining your engine by stripping your engine. We then do a tank cleaning and engage in extra cleaning such as media blasting if necessary. Enginetech Machining also engages in Magnaflux or pressure testing to check for cracks. In order to ensure top quality work, we then check the complete block prior to resurfacing the deck.

Following this, we bore and hone the cylinders to size or replace the liners if required. We align hone block prior to the final wash and installation of  cam bearing and frost plugs. Additionally, the crankshaft or camshaft will be ground or polished prior to resizing of the connecting rods. Finally, installation of the connecting rod bushings is done if required.